Steven W.
March 19, 2018

Jay Edwards was a huge help on a couple of occasions when I was needing to sort out my career. I’ve used the methods he helped me develop more than once since our last meeting. If you need help, he is the guy to go to!


Toni S.
March 18, 2018

I cannot recommend Jay’s coaching highly enough, his ability to recognize my potential gave me the confidence to leave my dead end job and pursue the career of my dreams. My business and personal life are thriving and I credit him for helping me achieve these goals. I’m renewed in my passion for life and literally feel as if I could accomplish anything.


Sarah B.
March 14, 2018

When my dad died I fell apart. I had gone my whole life without feeling that I was good enough. When he died I had almost a breakdown of sorts. Jay has been really helpful because he was there and listened and gave me the encouragement that I needed to see that I was worthy of love.


Lauren S.
March 13, 2018

Jay Edwards is an amazing career coach. Over the last couple of years he has helped me with my modeling career. He always knows the right thing to say and has been available to me almost 24/7. I don’t know what I would have done without him, but fortunately I don’t have to find out. If you get the chance to work with Jay, I suggest you take the opportunity!


Jonathan P.
March 13, 2018

Jay Edwards helped my wife and I with some marital issues that we were having last year. His approach to helping us was amazing. He listened, and always had the right questions to lead us to discovering solutions for all of our problems. We’ve only been married for 2 years and have a one-year-old baby. I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for us. I look forward to working with you on my career progression. I know that you will have a ton of insight to share with me. Meeting Jay is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me.


Kaitlyn P.
March 13, 2018

Mr. Edwards was amazing when it came to guidance for my husband and I. We were stuck in a rut, that we were scared our marriage couldn’t get out of. Through communication, understanding and the wonderful steps from Jay, we have been on a much better level, both emotionally and physically. Thanks to him our marriage has never been stronger.

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