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Personal Happiness Checklist

What is happiness? For generations, debates and research have been executed to identify the definition of being happy. Happiness is a psychological perception that differs for everyone.

Happiness, Checklist, Free,Personal Happiness is derived from an accumulated range of positive emotions such as joy, interests, and pride. It is the relationship with satisfaction, pleasure, and appreciation of the current situation and accomplishments. It is wrong to state that an individual is a happy person since this assumes that she or he is naturally happy or positive emotions occur more frequently than negative emotions.

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Your happiness is your responsibility. That may sound a little like tough love, but it’s actually just a reminder to you that your happiness is within your control. When you tie your happiness to external factors (like other people) you aren’t in control of your own life.

Personal Happiness Checklist
This is a list of actions you can take to help enrich your life. By doing things that put you in a mood that feels both fulfilled and content, doing these actions daily will start to form habits that will give you a greater sense of accomplishment and joy.

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