Tolerance. Learning and teaching people how to loose their bias and accept others regardless of differences.


Hello, I want to talk to you today about Tolerance. 

positive, success, coach, motivational, jedwardscoachingTolerance is the attitude that makes it possible for people to coexist peacefully. It is the basis for a fair society where everyone can lead their lives as they wish.  It is an important concept that helps people to live together and it means that you accept other people’s opinions and preferences, even when they live or believe in a way that you don’t agree with.  

Another advantage to being open to other ways of thinking is that it can help with Personal Development. When you are willing to learn about different ways of thinking, religion, politics and ideas from around the world, it will help you to understand the world and its residents better. 

Tolerance also means that you don’t put your opinions above those of others, even when you are sure that you are right. Broadminded people show strength by dealing with different opinions and perspectives. 

Teaching children a lack of bias is the best gift that you can give them. Children shouldn’t grow up with feelings of hate and suspicion. Those who do grow up with hate and jealously often turn into unhappy adults.  And, children who are forced to believe opinions that aren’t their own, could develop into adults who Achieve Inner Peacearen’t free or independent thinkers. If children experience love and patience, they will most likely be able to grow up and lead a happy and Peaceful life. 

Tolerance is an important and sometimes overlooked aspect of American society, even if there are people here who, for example, are intolerant toward immigrants or other groups. The majority of Americans are very open and respectful toward people from other races and cultures. They accept different traditions and customs, as long as they don’t break the rules of our country. 

In most cases, intolerance is the result of fear, misinformation, assumptions, Self-Acceptance, coachingand lack of knowledge. Curiosity and a willingness to learn about new cultures, ideas and ways of thinking can help us to become more Accepting. When we take the time to learn about people from different cultures, we also lose our fear of the unknown. Many Americans who have contact with people from around the world also have a more open attitude toward tolerance 

Now I know that it isn’t always easy tkeep an open mind, or be willing to change our views, values, and perspectives. We all have our own reasons for the ways we think and what we believe. It is perfectly alright to stick to your own values. But there are times when it makes sense to re-evaluate or challenge ourselves and why we have these opinions, especially if they are having a negative effect on others. It needs to be clear that everyone has their own opinions and standards and that they need to be respected and accepted.  

Many people have trouble being tolerant with others. As a living, breathing society, everyone is constantly learning and adapting to each other, it comes with the territory. But cultivating a spirit of tolerance can bring healing and meaning to your life in unimaginable ways. 

I am as patriotic as anyone, maybe even more so, but I also know that if we want to live in peaceful societies throughout the world, there is no alternative to army, patriotic, happy, young knuckleheadtolerance. And, being patient with the disagreeable aspects of people in your life will help. The universe allows room for all of your decisions and behavior, while working around them and through them. We have to try apply this to our own lives. It is empowering and noble and will make the world a better place.  

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2 thoughts on “Tolerance”

  1. I hear your frustration in lacking a process to support your client’s transformation. For the last 10 years I used mainly transformative communication in my coaching practice. My clients share experiencing changes right away or within the first 3 sessions. This give them hope and determination to continue the work. Most of my clients continue coaching with me years after years. They just love the transformation they experience and commit to excellence one area after another, in their relationships, finance, career, spirituality, health, etc. No need for marketing tools as their satisfaction is what bring referrals and more clients. If you want I would be happy to let you experience the process of transformative coaching to see if it is the type of process you are looking for. I learned from Dr. David Wolf. Even in my 15 minutes coaching consultation prospective clients feels the difference. It is more about being than doing while knowing the tools, skills and principles of self-empowerment.

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