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Problem Solving

Hi, I want to talk to you about Problem Solving. 

Problems are at the center of what many people do at work every day. Whether you’re solving a problem for a customer, supporting people who are solving Achieving Success, #coaching, #motivational, #coach, #jedwardscoaching, #motivationalspeaker, #publicspeaking, #spirituality, #affirmations, #health, #religion, #wellness, #career, #relationshipsproblems, or discovering new problems, the ability to solve those problems will make all the difference in how Successful you become. The problems you face can be large or small, simple or complex, and easy or difficult. 

Having good, strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills can make a huge difference in your entire life. Although, like any other skill, learning to think critically or problem-solve takes time, perseverance and practice. Knowing which steps to take and how to apply them helps us master the process.

The following are 5 steps to critical thinking as it relates to problem solving: 

1.  Identify the Problem.

The first task is to determine if a problem exists. Sometimes when you think this point through, you may come to the conclusion that there really isn’t a problem, just a misunderstanding. If that’s the case, fine. If not, and you determine that there is indeed a problem, you need to identify exactly what it is before you have any hope of fixing it. 

2.  Analyze the Problem.

setting daily priorities, priorities, daily, coaching, motivationOnce you’ve determined that there is a problem, analyze it by looking at it from a variety of perspectives. Is it solvable? Is it real or perceived? Can you solve it alone or do you need help? Sometimes by looking at it from many angles you can come up with a resolution right away. You may also reveal a bias or narrow point of view that needs to be broadened. 

3.  Brainstorm Several Solutions. 

Problems can be solved in many ways. Brainstorm a list of several possible solutions. Put down anything that comes to mind and then go over the list and narrow it down to the best possibilities. Having several viable options leads to obtaining the best results.  

4.  Decide. 

Go over your list of possible solutions. Different situations call for different solutions. Sometimes, what works in one situation, may not work in a similar one. Take time to determine what will work best for the problem at hand. One solution usually does not fit all. 

5.  Take Massive Action. 

Implement your solution. Every problem has a solution; even if it is to accept the situation and move on. Instead of approaching problems and challenges as Health & Longevity, #coaching, #motivational, #coach, #jedwardscoaching, #motivationalspeaker, #publicspeaking, #spirituality, #affirmations, #health, #religion, #wellness, #career, #relationshipsinsurmountable obstacles, we can view them as opportunities to hone our critical thinking and problem-solving skills and Take Massive Action to achieve them. 

Every problem we are able to resolve increases self-confidence and self-worth. Thinking critically and problem solving not only help us handle future challenges more skillfully, they also broaden our life experience and helps us gain perspective. 

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