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Confront and Overcome Fear 

Hello, I want to talk to you about ways to Confront and Overcome Fear.  

positivity, success, coach, motivational, jedwardscoachingFear is an emotion and I find myself suffering with it all the time.  There’s probably nothing more crippling to ourselves and the people we connect with.  In most cases, fear is the very bondage that keeps us stuck doing what we’re doing even though we hate it.  It’s something that can appear in an instant without even knowing where it came from, and disappear just as fast, we just need to know how to handle it.

Here are some ideas to help you handle fear: 

Take everything as a lesson.  

No matter what happens, it always better prepares you for what’s next. With this mindset, ultimate failure is impossible. 

Find people who have successfully done it before.  

It’s likely that you’re not alone in your quest.  Understand what others went happiness, joy, laughter, group, smile, man, womanthrough and how to approach the fears that are going to come up.  No fear is worse than the fear of the unknown. Find out what’s coming. 

Purposely go out and experience failure.  

Instead of avoiding it, seek it out.  Get turned down.  Start getting some “no’s.”  Go experience what causes you to be scared.   

Set real expectations.  

Often things take longer than expected.  Don’t take it too hard if you experience delays. 

Become an expert.  

Study up.  Learn everything you can about what scares you.  Lack of preparation is a leading cause of failure.  It’s also completely in your control. 

Understand what you truly stand to gain from your Success.  

business leaders, bill gates, elon musk, mark cuban, daymond john, money, believe in yourself, powerIf your reasons for accomplishing something are compelling enough, nothing can stop you. Find the right reasons for you. 

Realize what you have to lose if you don’t go after what you care about.  

What will it mean for your Health, your family, your excitement or the impact #tips, #quick, #coaching, #motivational, #coach, #jedwardscoaching, #motivationalspeaker, #publicspeaking, #spirituality, #affirmations, #health, #religion, #wellness, #career, #relationships you won’t have on the world? Fear of missing out can be the biggest Motivator of all. 

Understand your worst-case scenario.  

It’s never as bad as you think.  Often, it’s a lot closer to your current situation than most realize.   

Collaborate and get a support team.  

Don’t work on things all alone.  Bring on a partner or teammate with similar expertise and similar goals who can support you, trade ideas, and keep you accountable. They can make the lows not quite as low and highs even higher. 

Learn to see opportunity.  

Effects of Positivity, Positivity, coaching, jedwardscoachingMany of us are hardwired to see what makes a situation brutal, but you can train yourself to see the Positive.  Make a habit of listing all the opportunities situations create.  

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2 thoughts on “Confront and Overcome Fear ”

  1. When I first became a life coach I was still personal training. People looked at me funny when I told them I was changing over and asked so now you only, like, talk to people? Yup I answered I really didn t know how to describe what I did so how in the world would anyone actually trust me with making changes in their life?!?!?! My level of confidence was low from the off. Having since added the word Holistic to the title of Life Coach it opens up a conversation and they ask So just what exactly does a Holistic Life Coach do? To which I can answer Well, I have the opportunity to work with a client on five areas of their life including nutrition, career, physical activity, relationships and spirituality to bring them into energetic balance for optimal health and wellness. The questions continue with Wow! What got you into that? Then I have the space to tell them my weight loss story and how I overcame many illnesses and depression which peaks their interest and we now have a connection! Now, I don t get the funny looks anymore which is super cool ??

    1. Iness,

      Thank you so much for sharing that with us. I am glad that your career is going so well and I am so glad that there are other people out there who feel this way about helping others reach their goals and objectives.

      Have a great day!


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