Trusting Yourself

Have you ever known what you wanted to do and how you were going to do it, but for some reason, you couldn’t pull the trigger?

You told yourself that you lack resources, the timing’s off, or it’s just a pipe gratitude, jedwardscoachingdream. In some cases, that may be true.

But what about those dreams that have held on for months or years? There were windows of time when you could have pulled them off, when you could have saved the money or gotten yourself together.

But you didn’t.


You tell yourself that you weren’t ready, that you lacked confidence, or that you needed to do more research.

Those are lazy excuses.

The simple truth is that you didn’t trust yourself with those big life decisions. You’re afraid that you won’t be able to succeed, endure, or beat the odds. I get that. I spent more of my life than I care to admit feeling an intense desire but lacking the courage to act on it.

At various points in my life, my lack of trust in my own ability left me living in a city I hated, running a business that was destroying me and being stuck in relationships I knew weren’t going anywhere.

At it’s heart, learning to trust yourself is about acting on your truth, even when everyone else thinks you’re making a mistake.

happy, joy, move, exerciseLearning to trust yourself changes things. It makes taking action easier and more playful. Creating success and living honestly happens passively. And though I don’t know how or why, the world can’t help but fall in love with you when you trust yourself.

As you start to trust yourself, your confidence and power will intensify. Significantly. Trusting yourself creates a strong cycle that signals you are worthy and capable. The more you activate that cycle, the stronger and more capable you become.

At a deeper level, you’ll notice that when you trust yourself, the synchronicity in your life increase dramatically. The people around you will say that you that you live a blessed life. Behind your back they’ll talk about the inexplicable luck that seems to follow you around as though you have four leaf clovers and rabbits feet shooting out your ears.

I know that sounds like bragging, maybe even crazy. Don’t take my word for it. Instead, take the chance of being who you truly are. Trust yourself. and see what happens.

We aren’t taught to trust ourselves, even in circles where conversations about things like confidence and vulnerability are common, discussions about learning to trust yourself are rare. Unless your parents or a skilled mentor intentionally taught you to trust yourself, it’s unlikely you ever learned.

One of the strongest deterrents to trusting yourself is the fear of failure. When you risk trusting yourself, you also risk failing or being wrong. More specifically, when you trust yourself, you’re forced to own the results of your actions; you can no longer deny responsibility for your mistakes.

Trust that you can achieve whatever you throw your heart and mind into. You’ll reaching the summit, climbing the mountain, on top of the worldsee that you are far more capable than you’ve been led to believe.

Trusting yourself is about believing that your experiences are valid. If you feel an authentic desire? Act on it. If your friends are raving about something that seems ridiculous? Don’t agree just to fit in, they’ll still love you and you might even find that others confide that they think it’s ridiculous too.

Trusting your experience does not mean that you’ll always get it right. A skilled magician can make you feel like you’re having a direct experience with the impossible. A skilled marketer can create fake desires that feel like real desires.

There is no singular behavior that will allow you to suddenly trust yourself. However, a collection of small actions compounded over time will help to inspire an unshakable sense of trust.

I will probably make a few more videos on this subject and the different ways to help overcome fears and doubt. Stay tuned for those.

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Now trust yourself to make good decisions, and then follow through on them.

Have a great day!