Starting Over

When you Google the phrase, “Starting Over”, most of the results are about sports or newspaper articles about people who have done something that they regret and now face the consequences. 

I Googled the phrase because I was wanting to know what the consensus was on how and when to start over. I now find myself in a position in my life, where I am needing to start over. I have been somewhat neglecting my business and my personal life style. 

Maybe you haven’t heard about my wife and I losing a ton of weight in 2018. I was almost 100 pounds smaller at the beginning of August, and I was heading in a dedicated direction toward getting certified as a master coach.  But, during August, music festival season in Atlanta is in full blast mode.  We have three different music festivals that require a security presence and we work for approximately three weeks straight, without a day off, working 14 – 16 hours per day. I know that some of you work those hours your entire life, but for my wife and I, it is very challenging. 

During this time, I stopped focusing on my diet and my goals of becoming a master coach, somewhat due to my schedule, but also due to a lack of discipline. I stopped eating according to the Keto diet I was on and I stopped my studies to become a certified master coach.  Also, during this time, we found and are now in the process of buying a new house on the coast in South Carolina. With so much going on in our lives, we have found it hard to re-dedicate ourselves to the regimented and disciplined life we were living prior to August.  

I’m writing this article to help those of you who are having troubles getting back on track, or starting over, in addition to trying to work through this issue for myself.  

Most of the experts say that if you speak your goals out loud, you try harder to accomplish them than if you just keep them to yourself.  

Therefore, I am saying that I want to start over. 

Starting over, to me, means re-focusing my energy and life to the goals that I set for myself in the beginning of the year. I had set goals to be 250 pounds and to be certified as a master coach by the end of the 2018. With only one month left, and with Christmas and a move disrupting a good portion of that month, I’m pretty sure that I won’t accomplish either goal.  

Now, having said that, I don’t want to give up and forget that I even set those goals, I want to try to finish the year on a strong note, starting over from here and working my way as far forward toward my goals as I can. I have to start eating right, exercising and working on my coaching courses to try and achieve my goals in 2019. I don’t have nearly as far to go as I did at the beginning of 2018. That alone is motivational, I only have to lose 50 pounds and work through a couple more courses. That’s much less than I started out needing in 2018 when I was up around 400 pounds and just finding out about a career in coaching.  

Along with many experts, I preach that you never really fail until you stop trying, so I am going to try to re-dedicate, re-focus and work hard to get as far as I can toward my goals this year and then start 2019 from wherever I land and work to accomplish my dreams and goals as soon as possible. 

I hope that this reaches some of you who are thinking of giving up, thinking that your goals are out of reach. I hope that when you see an old man working toward his goals, it might inspire you to pick yourself up and keep working. Your goals are never out of reach, you just have to try a little harder to get there. 

If I can help you achieve your goals, in any way, coaching, listening or just being here motivating you with my efforts, please feel free to use my journey in any way that suits you.  I am here, available and ready to help. 

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Have a great day!