Health & Longevity

“Health is everything” is a phrase people use more commonly than they used to. While there are many actions we can take to promote great health, we tend to overlook some of the simplest and most obvious.

Wholesome foods and regular exercise are, of course, crucial factors, but in this article I’d also like to stress the importance of several solutions that have improved the quality and duration of human life since the dawn of mankind. Implement these ideas. Incorporate them into your day-to-day life and you will reap the benefits of a more healthy state of being and greater longevity.

Live With A Purpose: The first (and possibly most important) idea is rooted within your life purpose. Few of us actually live with any true purpose. Those of us who do, have trained our minds and bodies to want to live longer because we require time to fulfill our mission. You can embark on your soul’s journey at any age, but first, you must determine what you were put on this earth to do. Remind yourself daily that you aren’t finished with your special mission.

Know Your Genetic History: Both your history and future emerge from your genes. Understanding your genetics can be critical in preventing disease and anticipating certain illnesses that historically run in your family. Knowing these predispositions can literally save your life. Be aware of the genetic factors that have repeated in your lineage and you can act to stop these illnesses from manifesting in your life.

Feed Your Soul: For those of us who can spare a minute out of the day, my advice is to spend it in a spiritual way.

We’re such busy creatures that we rarely take a timeout. We put so much effort into taking care of everyone around us that we forget to take care of ourselves. But self-love is the key to all success. No matter how hectic your schedule, take 30 minutes out your day, every day, to enjoy “me” time. Breathe, meditate, relax, walk, or practice your favorite hobby.

Consider this personal time a cleansing of the soul, a purging of negativity, and a detox of your spirit. A healthy, reliable relationship with yourself will help prolong your life.

Build and Maintain Friendships: This idea encourages you to be a social butterfly. Being around other people can enhance your mood and increase your lifespan. This is because being in good company rewires neurons and can outright change your brain chemistry.

Dopamine interacts with other chemicals and multiplies, allowing you to begin to reflect a more positive attitude over time. Things that used to bother you may affect you less and less. Laughter is essential, but it must be shared with those you love. Get together with people who make you feel good, we can learn so much from each other through simple and honest conversation.

Moderation: When we resolve to maintain good health and longevity, we commit to total awareness of our actions and promise to engage in activities that advance our well-being. This is not to say we can’t succumb to periodic weaknesses, we are all human. The key is not to consume in excess, but to integrate a large variety in moderation.

Contrary to popular belief, your health is in your hands. When you become conscious of this fact and take actions that encourage wellness, you can live the long, joyful, and extraordinary life you want and deserve.

Have a great day!