How the Mind Works For Us.

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In a video that my wife and I just made, we discussed the Mental Aspects of Dieting. You may wonder what that has to do with coaching, but that will be revealed later on in this post.

When you think of the word diet, what kind of mental picture does that bring to mind? Do you think of Hawaiian Waterfalls or do you think of Torture Dungeons? Most people you talk to would say that it brings up negative images. So if that is the case, do you think those people would be able to successfully lose weight and keep it off?

In numerous studies, spanning the last 100 years, scientists have repeatedly found that people with a negative attitude toward a task, have increased difficulty being successful at that task.

If the idea of controlling your food intake immediately invokes thoughts like, “My family are all overweight, so it’s genetic.” or “I’ve always been heavy.”, what kind of results do you think that person would have if they started a diet? More than likely, they would not achieve the results they desired, thereby reinforcing those negative thoughts.

With that in mind then, what do we suggest a person do to change those ideas and thoughts?

They must attempt to reprogram their Subconscious Mind to believe that losing weight, or maintaining a diet plan, is achievable and that they can take any steps necessary to be successful.
I mentioned the Subconscious Mind just now, so let me backtrack and explain a little about the Mind and how it works.

The Human Mind is where we develop and retain our view of everything in the universe. Everything we sense (touch, taste, see or hear) is identified, analyzed and categorized by the part of our Mind known as the Conscious Mind. The Conscious Mind is the receiving and categorizing part of our brain. It takes information and decides if it’s good, bad, scary or dangerous. Once the Conscious Mind does it’s part to take in the information, the Subconscious Mind then writes the program that forms our attitude towards that information.

An example is this, as a child (by the way, children have no Conscious Mind, all information goes straight to the Subconscious to be permanently recorded), we touch the stove when it’s on and burn our hand, the Subconscious receives that information and writes the program, stove = burn. That’s why, once they’ve been burned on the stove, children will avoid the stove altogether.

As we grow older our Conscious Mind develops and we are then able to filter information through it. We take the original program, stove = burn, and begin to add the idea that instead of avoiding it altogether, we could just check it to see if its hot.

That is the way the Conscious and Subconscious Mind work together.

So, if we have conditioned our Subconscious Mind to believe that we are incapable of change, we will not be able to change without reprogramming the Subconscious Mind.

It’s the process of reprogramming the Subconscious Mind that is at the core of achieving results.

Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind is easier than it might seem. The Conscious Mind takes in and categorizes information. Any information that the Conscious Mind is presented with is given to the Subconscious Mind after it’s identified and the Subconscious writes the program regardless of whether the information that was given is true or made up.

This allows us to reprogram the Subconscious Mind by just focusing on, and repeating to ourselves, information that gives us positive images or ideas. The more we repeat these positive messages to ourselves, the more likely our Subconscious Mind will write a positive program.

Reprogramming negative thoughts about ourselves can be as easy as repeating positive ideas.

The way this applies to coaching is that any negative ideas or statements held about a person’s life, relationship, career or health can be reprogrammed by the simple act of repeating positive affirmations.

This is a vital step in being able to achieve positive results throughout your life. If you envision positive outcomes to situations in your life, your Subconscious Mind will begin to write programs that say all your results will be positive.

Even if you start off doubting this is possible, but you repeat positive affirmations, the mind won’t distinguish truth from falsehood and the Subconscious will write programs in a positive light.

Think positive thoughts and you will receive desired outcomes!

Have a great day!